My Mom’s Pizza + a few more recipes

Today I woke up and decided to make my mom’s recipe for pizza for dinner.


One has to make dough first and it’s not like any pizza anyone else in the world ever probably eats, unless someone out there still has the 4th Ward Relief Society’s Cookbook they complied as a fundraiser in the mid-1980s – straight from the days when Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup was a pantry staple.

As I pulled the cookie sheet out of the drawer to prep it for the dough I realized mom probably made it on a cookie sheet because she did not have a pizza pan. (Guess we ate so much Organ Stop Pizza there was never a need.)

Oh, yeah. And tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

mom for wed.jpg

Between that date on the calendar and a slight case of the monthly blues, NOW I know why I am mixing up and rolling out dough. (Hey Angel Peggy! I am tempted to drive to town and buy pecans to make Mexican Wedding Cookies, but your cookies were extraordinary.)

Bread is one of my favorite words.

Fresh from the oven bread is hands-down, over any sweet treat, my favorite thing to eat.

It is comfort and home, mother and love.

for if you bake bread with indifference.JPG

Making bread makes me cry and makes me happy.

She was perfectly imperfect. When we didn’t see eye to eye it was startling and we had to work to get back to moving forward. I never felt unloved.

Jean mothered everyone!

To all of my friends who are aching for just one more moment of mothering or chance to express thanks – I feel you. Here’s a song link to Ed Sheeran’s song Supermarket.

To all of my friends who missed mothering, I truly wish I could somehow gift you a day of my mom’s abundant care.

                                                                                                                                   Love, Carol


Oh! If you wish to try a pizza that is not a pizza, here’s the recipe for dough and all the things mom and I made with with it:

Carol’s Mom’s Rolls

Jean Jennings lived to be 92 years old. She was my mom and my grandma coz she adopted me. This recipe and my love for her go hand in hand. When I was a child, Mom would bake these rolls in pie tins then have me deliver to her friends around the neighborhood.


Add to one cup warm water in a large bowl:

An egg, a jigger or two of oil,

a pinch of salt,

sugar to taste (1/3 cup) and

one packet of Fleishman’s yeast.

Stir briefly with a fork.

Let sit until bubbly.

Mix in 3 ½ cups of flour until ball of dough forms.

Knead on a floured sheet of canvas fabric.

Let rise in bowl, covered with a towel, until double.

Knead, (punch out bubbles), roll out to about a ½ inch thick, then cut rolls and place rolls in pie tins or on cookie sheet.

Let rise until double.

Bake at 350 until tops are golden.

Butter tops.

Don’t eat them all before dinner!


My translation

In a large bowl mix:

One cup warm water (I find that bottled water interacts consistently with the yeast.)

One large or extra large egg

1/4 cup vegetable oil (Note that at some point in her later years she swears that she uses the white Crisco that comes in bars, but Carol swears this is absolutely not the recipe she learned.)

1 teaspoon salt (If you used a mineralized salt which I have discovered tastes better, the minerals can color the rolls if you are not adding spices.)

1/4 cup oil

1/3 cup sugar

One packet of yeast

Stir with a fork and let sit for about 10 minutes until bubbly.

Then, gradually add in at least 3 maybe 3 1/2 cups of sifted flour as you stir/knead to form ball of dough. (If you use a big enough bowl you do not need to turn it onto the counter—it can rise in the bowl.)

Let ball of dough raise for a couple of hours until it about doubles in size.

Tear ball of dough in half. Knead air bubbles out then roll out on lightly floured counter top to about a half an inch high. Cut out rolls.

Place them on a pan with sides barely touching. Let them raise until about double again. Bake at 350 degrees F until tops are golden brown—about 12 minutes.


Hot Dog Things:

Make hot dog things by slicing a Kosher hot dog not quite fully through the center and stuffing with diced green chili and cheddar cheese before wrapping in dough.

Place rolls on pan with ends barely touching and let raise again until double.

Hot dogs things need a 400 degree oven and a little longer than rolls to cook.

Butter tops.

Try not to eat them all, rolls or hot dog things, until dinner or wherever you are taking them. Great camping food for the road trip.


Carol’s roll variations:

  • Olive oil—used as a replacement for vegetable oil. Your dough will be heavier and take longer to raise.
  • Crushed garlic and/or other dried spices—yummy! Goes with olive oil. Add to during initial mix.
  • Grated cheese—I add maybe a half a cup during initial mix.
  • More sugar—sweeter rolls.
  • You can get them to raise faster on a cold day in the kitchen by pre-heating the oven and letting the dough rise on top of the stove.
  • I made them once adding yogurt and chopped fresh mint leaves. If you try this, you will need t adjust the flour up and the water down.
  • Virginia, a woman I worked with, used milk instead of water in her rolls. I have never tried that recipe modification, but her rolls were yummy.


Cinnamon Rolls

Grandma Jean used to bake cinnamon rolls in a deep iron pan with honey and pecans at the bottom (I believe you would need to add butter so that they would not stick).

I have tried but never duplicated the flavor of what is hardwired in my taste buds and memory. This is close….

Pre-heat the oven to 425 degrees.

3/4 cup packed dark brown sugar
1/4 cup raw sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/8 tsp sea salt
1 tbsp unsalted butter, melted

Turn the dough onto a floured surface. Flatten and shape the dough until it’s a 9 X 14 inch rectangle. Sprinkle the surface with the filling mixture, leaving a 1/2 inch border.

Tightly roll the dough using the 14 inch side. Cut into 8 pieces and place swirl side up in the baking pan. Start by placing one in the middle and then surround the center roll with the remaining rolls. Brush with 2 tbsp melted butter.

Bake 20 to 25 minutes.

Cream cheese frosting

Combine with a whisk:

For the icing
3 tbsp cream cheese, softened
3 tbsp buttermilk
1 cup powdered sugar

Spoon over top of rolls and you are ready to serve!


Grandma Jean’s Pizza

Roll dough out on a cookie sheet.

Mix together I can cream of mushroom soup, one can of tomato soup and two cans of diced green chilies. Spread mixture evenly across dough.

Brown a pound of hamburger and spread it across dough.

Dice onions to taste and sprinkle across dough.

Top with cheese.

Bake at 425 degrees until pizza crust is a golden brown (about 20 mins)


Stenciled Bottle Cover & Card

Lindy's Gang Blog Hop Banner.jpg

Welcome to my spot on the hop between StencilGirl Products’ and Lindy’s Stamp Gang creative teams! I am happy you’ve taken the time to stop by.

The whole cover shimmers in natural light. The human eye sees it. My camera does not.

I chose an unusual substrate for this project. A neoprene bottle cover.  I bought the bottle with the cover a couple summers ago because it had a speaker in the neoprene cover & the batteries were included. Geek out! I put it in the cabinet and forgot all about it until…

My husband threw out the bottle and the cover. Oh no! Must rescue.

Me to hubby: “Did you even try the speaker?”

My hubby: “No. It was just a cheap gimmick. You’re not pulling it out of the trash, are you?”

Me: (Eye roll.) “I am. I wonder if I can stencil on it?”

Hubby: (Big sigh.) “It’s trash.”

Me, in my office a few minutes later, speaker hooked to my phone, David Bowie singing “Nature Boy”, talking to myself: “The sound is truly weak. But I CAN stencil on the case AND the bottle has nice lines plus a clear space. I can soak off the label and stencil a new one.”

Here’s my process:

What stencil shall I choose? Sacred Feminine by Carol Wiebe. The minute I saw this stencil I knew I had to have it – look at all the interesting elements!


I thought it would be easiest to stencil with the cover still on the bottle. I chose to use acrylic instead of fabric paint because it’s not ever going to be washed. The speaker is sewn in, so it must remain as is.

Step 1: Mask off bottle neck. Gesso the bottle around the speaker – oh my, was that white line ever convenient! Let dry. Apply another coat of gesso.


Step 2: I opted for a sprayed background created with Smokey Sapphire and Crow’s Nest Copper Moon Shadow Mists. These are walnut inks with mica in them.


I sprayed on top of an open art journal so I have pages started for later.


Step 3: Tape around goddess so she stays in place. I balanced the bottle on the inside of my roll of masking tape as I applied a coat of silver and then a combo of navy blue, silver and white. I had to do some awkward maneuvering for her gown because of the speaker and I was afraid it would not turn out on a curved surface, but it did!


Step 4: I used black paint and a thin paintbrush to paint in the line detail.


I also made a matching card using the Moon Mists and Organic Roots 1 Small Stencil, also by Carol Wiebe.


Tips: After you spray through the stencil, flip it onto a journal page and you’ll get interesting prints and drips. Then you can use us your extra paint too!


This was my first time using walnut-based ink sprays and I just couldn’t stop. (Sprays over over black.)



Wishing you a shimmery, magical, stencil filled day,


p.s. I hope you will take the time to check out all the other amazing projects in the hop and comment to enter the contest.

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Stenciled and Etched!

StencilGirl & etchall blog hop banner.jpg

Welcome to my stop on day 3 of StencilGirl’s 3 day blog hop with etchall.

I made a sweet candle holder with Cat Kerr’s Play Every Day Swing Stencil.



I etched a mirror with Gwen Lafleur’s Art Deco Sun Medallion Corner Stencil.


I love Gwen’s Art Decor Stencil Line because it reminds me of the walking into the Paramount Theatre in Hollywood for the first time in 1986 surrounded by the fabulous black, white, and glass decor.


Just imagine an entire wall of these tiles!


I had a lot of fun using etchall and the srpay to discover how much patience it takes to etch glass on a curved surface.


The stencil is held in place with etchall Repositioning Stencil Spray. I like that etchall is a reusable product. Follow manufacturer directions and put the excess back in the bottle.

Here is my etched, glass-painted, collaged mixed media paintbrush jar. (The paint brushes were a thrift shop score!)


(At the time of writing this post, I have yet to see what everyone has made , but I hear someone used slate in their project!) Go find our who and check out all the other cool projects in the hop and comment to enter the contest.

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Storming the Castle

I like flying pigs because they are full of whimsy and possibilities and permission to fly into something new.


Kristie Taylor gave me the idea for the inked background and awhile back I saw a Graphics Fairy post by Heather that looked interesting, but I wanted to try it brighter.

The flying pig caused me to use waaaaay more artsy crafty goodies than normal.


The crosshatch portion of the large stencil from Mary Beth Shaw’s Private Collection 16.2 for April 2016 StencilClub


Once Upon a Time Stencil by Carolyn Dube


Large Feelin’ Groovy Stencil from Jessica Sporn’s April 2015 StencilClub set.

Mixed Media Paper and Deli Sheets

Staz-On Inks – Claret, Gothic Purple, Blue Hawaii, Orange Zest, Emerald City, Midnight Blue, and Glaze-On

1 flying pig, 1 fairy in the moon, 1 bird wearing a bonnet fussy cut from my stash of scrapbook paper – Graphics 45

Acrylic Paints – black, grey, yellow, pink, Translucent Pearl – Paper Artsy

Distress Crayons -Salty Ocean, Lucky Clover, Wildflower Violet, Squeezed Lemonade

Baby Oil, Sponges and Sponge Brush, Paper Towels, Heat Tool, Scissors


  1. Ink the background landscape on mixed media paper.
  2. Stencil castle and flowers on individual sheets of deli paper. Let dry. Tip: It helps to line up the deli paper and stencil with the landscape on the bottom.
  3. Apply baby oil to all three sheets and the pig. I just did the front sides. Tip: hold the mixed media paper to a light source to make sure it is not blotchy. It is greasy and  looks like this: wierd-face-in-layer.jpg
  4. Use crayons to add a little more definition to landscaper and blend with finger. 20180219_192140.jpg
  5. Let papers dry a couple hours or overnight.
  6. Trim layers.
  7. Place a scrap sheet under the project and apply Glaze-On between the layers – it works as a glue. (I bet good ol’ Modge Podge would work too.) Let project sit under a couple of heavy books overnight.
  8. Pearlize the top layer, add pig, bird, and fairy. I bent the wings a little so they’d stand out)
  9. Hit project with a heat gun to dry. Trim project from scrapsheet.


Shall I frame it or glue it into my art journal?

I had fun with this project and while I am glad I tried it, it did feel a bit too messy for my tastes. I think I prefer the outcome of beeswax and (be still my heart) actual encaustics. Still, I would hate to waste the baby oil.

It was almost my castle on the lake.


Betcha Ed Sheeran never saw a flying pig watching the sunset over the castle on the hill!



Four Calling Birds Envelope and a Somewhat Out-There Christmas Card

Welcome to my spot on the

holiday hop banner.png

Let’s dive right in!

Does it bother you, all the advertising we still get send via USPS? Toyota must have truly wanted me to buy another car since the dealer spent bucks on a 10×13 inch red cloth envelope! I saved it to put a stencil on it.

I left the mailer inside in case some of gesso bled through as I was covering the writing. It took 2 coats. I was PATIENT this time and let the one side dry, then painted a green telephone handset and cord (good grief are these phones vintage yet?) to cover the bit of writing on the other side, and a pine tree top at the opposite end for my birds to perch on.


You’ll need stencils with birds so you can stack ‘em facing different ways. I used Gwen Lafleurs’s Cardinal for the base, Mary Beth Shaw’s Scandinavian (that’s what I am calling it) bird from her Stencil Club set next, then 2 little birds by Cathy Nichols—one from StencilClub, one from Peace.

Back to the envelope side with lots of gesso. I stenciled holly in the corners and stenciled “4” as a “2”. The post office elves will need to hand cancel this envelope. (They did not stencil perfectly – my sponge was too wet – but they’ll do.)


Guess what fits pretty perfectly as an upcycled card in my big recycled envelope? StencilGirl’s large stencil mailer. (Ok, I had to trim it a little!)

Now I must admit, because I coordinated our hop, I saw what the team made first and in one of the thumbnails I, being a sound-minded and certifiable science fiction fan, saw a UFO and a little heart bodied alien sailing down. Thank you Torrie Gass, I could not get the image out of my head all this past week! Peace is a cool stencil! That top ornament looks like a little hot air balloon, there seems to be a paw print, an accordion heart, to say nothing of the flowers, feathers, leaves and sweet bird.

Back to my over-sized card: I covered the front of the mailer with ephemera papers then washed the front in hues of blue (Paper Artsy Glass Blue and Frosting Glaze) atop the small Windswept Tree stencil by Cathy Taylor—little aliens needed a place to land!

On my card, it has just begun to snow, courtesy of Night Sky Mini stencil by Lesley Riley.

I stenciled the alien ship with Gold All Purpose Ink.


The little alien parachutists did not look quite so much like the vision in my head, so I made them alien comets (aka snow beings) and gave them bodies with a couple other parts of the Peace stencil  using green and red and white acrylic paint. I embellished the snow beings and their ship with a white Uniball pen. 


It was at this point that I went back and embellished feathers, feet, and eyes on the 4 calling birds.


See, I digress… 

Christmas is coming,

the goose is getting fat,

please to put a penny in the old—

Oh! We aren’t caroling yet? But I like caroling.

Fa la la la la—

The backside of my card, you ask? Scrapbook paper from my stash and my name and date. Unexciting.

Interior? I drew a line in pencil and stenciled Vintage Ornaments all the way across the top. Then I drew on them a bit with Inktense pencils. (Seriously, I think these would look great along the top of gift bags too!)


I used Mary Nasser’s Longitude and Go Your Own Way, plus the teardrop from the small Vintage Camper Trailer  stencils for the “from our home to yours” message then embellished using paint, pencils and pens where needed.


Ten! I think this is the most stencils I have ever used in one project. More stencils = fun choices!

Click to discover more Christmas and Hanukkah and patterned stencils for your holiday projects!

May you sing outside the box this Christmas and may snow beings bearing stencils carol in your head! Carol

But wait! There’s more!

Speaking of hopping, if you have landed here first somehow, be sure to check out the rest of the StencilGirl Creative Team Holiday projects and, if you like the ideas, we’d love it if you shared our hop with your friends!

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Here are links to all the fantastic, magic, merry, holiday projects:

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Wishing you happiness!

StencilGirl Tim Holtz Blog Hop: Alcohol Inked Stenciled Photograph Under Glass

Tim Holz Ranger StencilGirl Blog Hop.jpg

Salutations and welcome to my post for the StencilGirl Tim Holtz Blog Hop!

I made 2 pieces, Tropical and Learning to Play.


Here’s how in less than 60 seconds!



Tropical Stencil by June Pfaff Daley for StencilGirl Products

Tropical Twist Stencil June Pfaff Daley StencilGirl.jpg

Ripples of Imagination Stencil by Trish McKinney for StencilGirl Products

L386-ripples of imagination stencil- trish mckinney-stencilgirl.jpg

Ranger – Tim Holz Alcohol InksCranberry, Mermaid, Clover, Indigo, Amethyst

Ranger Ink Blending Tool

4″ x 6″ Photograph

Glass Picture Frame Panels, Glass Glue, Wire Stand

I was delighted with this photo of my daughter, Andromeda, when I took it and vowed to do something more exciting with it than just print and hang it on a wall. I had a thought when I saw the Tropical Stencil and and then an epiphany when this blog hop opportunity presented itself. I am delighted with the result and hope it inspires you to incorporate a favorite photo into artful play!

The Layers                                                                                                                                           

Decide how your elements are going to go together.

Bottom glass 1 back: stencil ocean waves – Indigo Ink
glass 1 front: stencil ocean waves – Amethyst Ink

Center glass 2 back: stencil little island with palm trees – Mermaid Ink
glass 2 top: stencil large island with palm trees, glue photo

Top: glass 3 back: gesso hibiscus
glass 3 top: stencil hibiscus – Clover and Cranberry Inks

Back with white paper. Glue glass edges with glass glue.


I also made this Angel using 2 panes of glass, Indigo and Mermaid alcohol inks, and Gwen Lafleur’s Art Deco Flower Medallion Stencil.



giveaway holtz stencilgirl hop.png

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October 18: Adirondack Alcohol Inks


October 19: Distress Oxide Ink Pads 
October 20: Distress Crayons 
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Heavy Metal – Take a Ride

“You like music more than art,” I think that was Cecilia’s comment on a recent post.

Maybe. Probably.


At my 30th high school reunion Johnny B aka Ziggy reminded me that I’d once said, “I would rather be blind than deaf because I would never not want to be able to listen to music.”

They nailed it.

I’d say, as part of the MTV Generation, that music and art are irrevocably entwined.

I am also enamored of the art-form we call still call film even though it is shot digitally.

About two decades before MTV, that maestro of vitriolic song, Tom Lehr, pointed out in one of his shows that movies needed a popular music soundtrack to succeed and then launched into “The Elements” to the tune of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance.

Of course, the connection between music and art has always been a part of humanity from the moment one person looked at a gourd and decided they could play it to their buddy who made regalia from animal skins decorated with dye made from berries and perhaps the feathers of a bird.

Sometimes the separation of music from visual art must be a consciously separate act. One could listen to music with eyes closed or walk quietly through the Heard Museum (through Aug. 20) looking at the art of Frida Kahlo. No right or wrong here.

To be able to look at art, to make art, to share art is a profound freedom when you think about it. There are places in the world where women are not allowed to be creative and men are only ever allowed to let their creativity out within set parameters. Consider for a moment what effect that has on their souls.  I can’t imagine a day without song or some creative outlet.

Let’s dance our way back to lighter topics like a music oriented art journal, a concept I can happily explore!

Doubtless you have listened to music before but if you have not stenciled, try it!

When you look at a stencil do you ever immediately know what you want to do? I saw Mary’s large stars stencil on the computer months ago and thought I was going to make a layered star rainbow – because wow! the options these star stencils give you for layering! Plus StencilClub membership gives you access to a whole community of art-makers who are stars in their own right!

August StencilClub Graphic Mary Nasser.jpg


However, when it arrived in my p.o. box, (you have to know I am like a little kid and I open them in the car before I ever leave the parking lot) I realized I also needed The Sky’s the Limit July 2015 StencilClub set because I was going to pay homage to the 1981 movie, “Heavy Metal” in my art journal.


Yeah, “Heavy Metal”.

What’s not to like about an astronaut flying about the universe in a Corvette? That is a cool image!


Drive it up and let’s cruise a while

Leave your troubles far behind

Still with me? Here was my thought process:

The largest star would hold the happy alien face from Lizzie Mayne’s small Warped Holes stencil (A fave – I swear it smiles at me from my stencil stash!) and one June Pfaff Daley’s mermaids from Mermaidia could ride on top of it (but with Taarna not Ariel as the heroine – so I had to figure out how to draw legs – ignore that hand!).


I gave myself the cleverness award for placing the musical note as her eye and the clef sign as her ear.


I know glitter is often not held in much esteem past grade school crafting, but I’m 50 and I like it, like it, yes I do… A raspberries (beret) for you if you don’t.

The mini and bonus stencils were perfect to incorporate as well as Mary’s It’s a Small World Longitude and Latitude Stencils. Just Plane Fun and the small from the August 2016 Here, There & Everywhere StencilClub set made it onto the pages as background (pics below) too.



Colors I used: Titanium White, Cadmum Red and Cadmum Yellow by Dick Blick. Real Navy by Plaid, and Wild Orchid by Americana. Red and Silver All Purpose Inks applied with Fantastix available from Imagine Crafts, plus Glitter Foam I picked up heaven knows where., and lyric vellum I had in my stash (I was looking for actual sheet music but found the vellum first – LOL.)


You’ve got a touch of redline fever

‘cause there’s just one cure that we know for sure

Pretty sure the cure the songwriter was talking about was sex; That ‘d be an entirely different blog post!

Cures I know about:

Thanks for taking the time to read my brain dump and look at what I made!


p.s. Pink Floyd is singing in my head about the Wish You Were Here Postcard.

Disclaimer & credits: I actually do not consider myself a “fan” of the 80s rock genre called heavy metal. But I obviously appreciated the film. The “Heavy Metal” lyrics I quoted were written by Don Felder, former lead guitarist of the Eagles. My job is not quite as cool as an astronaut’s but I get StencilGirl stencils as a part of it and that certainly delights me when I open my mailbox.  The opinions are entirely my own (duh) and I did not get paid to make art for, write this post, or include links that open in new windows.