Bring on the Bangles!

I crave unusual jewelry. Maybe it is not that the earrings, pendants, broaches and bracelets are so unusual, but that they are uniquely suited to my tastes.


For instance, Rowena Tank ‘s Lampwork bead charms from bracelets are made from recycled Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Kahlua bottles.

I’m not terribly “green,” (partly because the only recycling available in the rim Country is paper, dropped off at Wal-Mart or burned in the fireplace in winter) but I collected pretty bottles as a child and I like the idea of wearing part of them as jewelry rather than collecting dust on the shelf.


I also like Jonquil Juice’s red leather rose ring:


And how about Stuck on Art’s beaded bangles, including this great black and white number:


On the high-end of jewelry design are Chad and Melissa Overman.


Overman Designs, a fine jewelry store in Payson, Arizona, belongs to Chad and Melissa Overman. Chocolate pearls, strawberry gold, dazzling diamonds and turquoise so pure it looks surreal are just some of what you will find behind the counters. The Overmans are not only fabulous designers, they are thrilled to show you their wares. No hard sell here, just contagious enthusiasm.


Owning and wearing un unique handmade jewelry makes me feel pretty. Sing to me Elton John!

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