One Magazine

I have not blogged for myself in ages, but it has been on my To Do List. The other day it moved closer to the top of the list, but I must have a theme that is not binding so I chose Lists. I am a list maker. I can be compulsive about it but I have to tell you that I find satisfaction in marking though a task accomplished.


Can you judge a person by their magazines? I do buy magazines that catch my eye in single copies however, I only subscribe to one in print, because one is all I can keep up with cover to cover. On my list of writing goals is to find a brilliant article idea and get an affirmative answer to my pitch to… drumroll… WIRED.

I subscribed in 2002 when Spielberg was on the cover.

WIRED is where I first learned that a blind man’s brain could be wired to a portable computer so he could see the world, at least as a negative.  I was so captivated by this true story that I wrote a fantasy of my own, “The Bone Flute Maker”, published in Vampires, Zombies and Ghosts, Oh My!

Carol La Valley

I grew up on a steady diet of science fiction and I long for Richard Branson to make one of those dreams available as science fact.

WIRED is where I laugh at Predict What’s Next and where I used to laugh at Japanese School Girl Watch.

Science news, gadget news, movie news, intelligent articles on people with vision, sometimes skewed, but vision none the less. The DIY issue is a recent favorite.

I know life is busy when I have to make the time to savor my geekiness and read two issues back to back. Ohhh. Instead of writing this blog post, I could be reading WIRED.


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