5 Nom Noms Near Places I’ve Lived

Delicious “har gow” aka shrimp dumplings. Not to be confused with icky slippery noodles.

I suppose that list of 100 foods to eat before you die going around Facebook sparked this. Di the authors bet we’d merely tasted 20, or was that just a gimmick to get those who answered to say to themselves, ‘Oh yeah, I’ll prove you wrong.’ ? (Most people I know who have taken the survey have eaten 60+ things. It’s because we grew up with our mother’s telling us, ‘Taste one bite.’

Here is my list of restaurants with nom noms.

House of Louie – Yum! If you are near West Covina at lunch time and love Dim Sum, this is THE place. Dim Sum has been my favorite food since “Toddles” introduced me to it when I lived in So Cal. It was sooo much fun to go with him to Chinatown on Sunday for brunch.

Laura’s Small Café – If you are in Payson, I highly recommend the garden tamale for breakfast or lunch.

Gardens of Taxco – Melody gets all the credit for introducing me to this West Hollywood icon. I see that the menu is online, but when I ate there, there was not a menu to be had and the waiter would ask you what kind of entrée you would like, chicken, shrimp, et cetera, then he would describe in delicious detail the ways the chef could prepare each dish.

Organ Stop Pizza – The pizza is fine, but it is the music, played by amazing musicians, on one of the largest theatre pipe organs in the world. It is crowded during Arizona’s snowbird season. I kinda grew up here, but that is another story.

Monkut Thai – When we go to San Clemente, we eat here or get take-out at least once.

Pizza Hut – The Great ‘Za can most likely be found in your neighborhood. Folk who like pizza have a favorite and this happens to be mine. When I eat pizza made by some other restaurant, I wish I had just gotten take-out from Pizza Hut. Pepperoni pan pizza, extra pepperoni, easy sauce, no extra cheese.

What are you hungry for now?

One thought on “5 Nom Noms Near Places I’ve Lived

  1. I miss Pizza Hut sooo much!! There is a lot of pizza offerings on the island, but Pizza Hut must have specialness in the dough or something. Of course I miss Jack in the box and Arbys too – but Dairy Queen & Pizza Hug most of all! -sigh- We do have some excellent sushi here though 🙂

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