Snap Out of the Doldrums

We all get melancholy sometimes. It’s been opined that even cowgirls get the blues. Each of us has sometime indicated our general pessimism with the world by saying “blah.” I am not going to talk about full-blown depression, just that general malaise we call the doldrums.

And how a body can, as Cher’s character told Nicholas Cage’s character in Moonstruck: “Snap out of it.”

tales of a lifetimeAuthor Sara ban Brethnaugh suggests: if you can do nothing else to drag yourself forward in life, keep a gratefulness journal. Write down 5 things every day when you wake that you are grateful for. Maybe it is merely that your car runs or that you got out of bed (instead of laying there under the covers with the doldrums.)

What 5 things are you grateful for this minute?

“Just Do It!”

Don’t think. Just follow the Nike marketing gurus’ advice.

You know you need to.

You know you have to.

So just do it!

I know that when I stop procrastinating, I will feel better; that some endorphins of accomplishment will be released when whatever it is, gets done.

I did it! Pat self on the back.

In keeping with the spirit of tennis shoes. On the nights I get home around 5:30, I go for a walk. Writing is a sedentary career and I need to MOVE.

A few nights ago the walk included a spontaneous glass of wine and much laughter with a neighbor Ray and I always plan to get together with… it was red wine, that means it’s healthy, right?!

Which brings me to my next source of forward momentum:  laughter. Reader’s Digest says it is the best medicine. George Carlin, may he rest in laughtetr, is my fave but I also  find Bill Cosby’s wise humor funny. Such as: your memory is in your behind. He knows this because when he gets up from his chair and goes into another room to look for something, once he gets to the room he forgets what he went for. However, if he goes back and sits down he will instantly remember.

See beating the doldrums is all about movement.

Newton’s first law of motion: A body in motion tends to stay in motion.

Your body can’t stay in motion unless you feed it good stuff and give your body the vitamins we seem to have bred out of our foods. I think it is Dr. Andrew Weil tells us that our bodies are made to consume, process and break-down real food. And real food includes lots of green leafy vegetables. Eat a salad

Another homile you can probably hear your mother say: God helps those who help themselves.

Whether or not you believe in God, it seems to be true. In my observance of life, if you are consistently striving towards a goal more opportunities get placed in your path than obstacles.

Unless you are Ghandi. Yet he said, “Action expresses priorities.” And believed, “An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.” He made the British Empire take notice. Too lofty a goal for me. I simply want to keep my business on the black side of the ledger.

Years ago the law firm I worked at in Century City sent me to a seminar. The woman teaching it (I tried sitting down and I still can’t recall her name) said that “Excellent” was an underused word. “An individual could only do the most excellent thing, make an excellent decision with the knowledge and resources at hand in that moment.” A little bit akin to an absolution of guilt, I think.

tales of a lifetimeIf your actions express your desires, if you are grateful for your life and the things in it, you cannot help but learn to escape the doldrums and move forward.

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