What if we added Zorb riding to the Olympics?

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Zorbing down the hillside! zorb.com

It is time for the summer Olympic committee to get ahead of the curve and include Zorb riding as an Olympic event.

What is Zorb riding you might ask?

It one part roller coaster with g-forces and freefall at play and can be one part slip n’ slide.

Picture a plastic ball. Now upsize it.

Picture a plastic globe—with an interior plastic globe, one big enough for you to ride in.

This plastic globe of course has air holes.

It is also see though, a fact that matters little in that seeing where you are going is not paramount.

Where you are going is downhill.

Tumbling, faster and faster inside the globe on a track down a green hillside.

Those krazy New Zealand Kiwis invented Zorb riding 15 years ago. The sport now boasts 607,633 Zorbonauts. It has recently expanded to the U.S. market, the Smokey mountains to be precise, so the great state of Tennessee will now through their hat in the ring to host the great games.

Zorb riding can be a individual event, a team event or even a relay race.

As an individual event Zorb riding offers the chance to have fun as the participant accelerates on a downhill track. Tracks can be straight or zig zag. How fast the racer goes depends on their weight and how fast they can run in what some might liken to a hamster ball.

As a team event for three persons inside the ball, Zorb riding offers the chance for bonding. Can you run in unison? How does bouncing or sliding off one another in freefall effect your ultimate time? Can you stay on the track or will you bounce yourselves off course and onto the next hill or highway. Watch out for that tree, George!

As a “hydro” ride, the interior of the Zorb would have a few gallons of water added and, well, let’s just say we all know the value of personal hygiene—and who wouldn’t welcome the opportunity to tumble inside a giant washing machine?

As a relay race, Zorb riding might be likened to the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona—another event that should be included in the Olympics but the bulls couldn’t raise enough money to hire me as their publicist—imagine, a street filled with runners inside Zorb globes. A bang sets the Zorb runners free to race, bounding down the street, bouncing over cars, avoiding pedestrians, hot dog stands and bike messengers while they try to find the correct team mate to bump into at Beeline and Main. As they bounded around the lake at Green Valley park, they would have to avoid falling into the water and would lose points for rolling over ducks.

Yes Zorb riding would bounce Olympic entertainment to a new height.

I urge you to vote YES that Zorb riding be included in the summer Olympic games. Norwegians have curling. The Jamacians have bobsledding.  Foresight on the part of the Olympic committee would give the kiwis well-deserved renown for their improvement of fun on a global scale.

Can I get a Z? Can I get an O? Can I get an R? Can I get a B? ZORB! Want to learn more? Visit Zorb.com.

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