There Was A Dragon on the Way Home from Vegas

I have made the trip from Pine to Vegas 4 times in the past 2 months. I am not complaining, because it is great to see my daughter, but for those of you who have taken the 40 and the 93 you know it is a long stretch, even singing along to music.

There are however, interesting things along the way:

I passed a red SUV with a fluffy grey cat peering out the passenger window with an I am not amused expression on his little smushed in face. Think of the cat that does the fancy feast commercials, only grey.

There was a field of some kind of purple flowers. Alfalfa maybe? That was April. It was fry for the May trips but there were cows across the road in a field. All white ones. In other fields along the way wer brown and black ones. There were golden brown horses running in the sun the latter trip in May.

Seligman is the half-way point and Delgadillo’s  Snow Cap is a favorite stop to order an ice cream and be harassed by the server behind the counter.

High point in April: watching Andi smash her cone in Robert’s face back in April. He’s a nice guy and now knows that letting Andi get ice cream on his nose earns him brownie points. Always a nice thing for a boyfriend to have in reserve.

Aren’t they cute?!

There’s a dragon eating a flower on 93 just before the turn for South Cove. Maybe it flew in for the summer because I had not noticed it on any previous trips the past few years. Too cute not to stop for a pic. This is the only one I could get without the store’s propane tank in the background.

One more planned trip to go in June! I am so proud of Andi and excited to watch her get her diploma from the Canyon Springs Leadership and Law Academy. If her journeys in life take her past dragons, I hope they will be ready to eat her cupcakes (she’s headed to Le Cordon Bleu).

4 thoughts on “There Was A Dragon on the Way Home from Vegas

  1. I envy your travel – there is only about 30-40 miles of road here, so we have to leave the rock to drive like this. I do enjoy finding interesting things by the road though – no matter where I am heading.
    Congrats to Andi – which Le Cordon Bleu is she attending?

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