4th of July Banner

Happy Independence Day!

Freedom Banner

I have friends, and  friends with adult children, serving (or who have served) in the Army, the Air Force, and the Merchant Marines, a daughter of my own with a boyfriend about to join the Marines, a buddy from work headed to the National Guard, an uncle who served in the Army, a grandfather and an ex who served in the Navy, and I once dated a man who had served in the Coast Guard.

They served in World War II, Vietnam, Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

This piece was inspired by veterans I know, a Terri O video, and  I was thinking about the women who wait at home. My grandma reflected on WWII, “Five o’clock was the worst time, watching other husbands come home to their wives and not knowing where at sea mine was.”

In this modern age, of e-mails, the distance quite so large and women and men wait at home for their loved ones.

Thanks, Jarvis, Bruce, Rose, Ryan, Seth, Ron, John, Christopher, Kyle, Bill, Chris, Jeff, Sanja, Nina, and Martin. To Robert and Jason – Good luck!

This Freedom Banner is a project you can make in about an hour with items at hand.

If you want to find the Belle Dames Francaise paper I used, close up pictures, etc. check out the ICE Queen Zine.

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