STORY… Talisman Project with ICE Resin

Brambles by Carol Baxter

As I write this post, there is a cacophony of voices in my head as my former newspaper editors Jerry, Richard, Jim, Pete, Tom and Autumn telling me that my words must be pared-down. Jen Cushman is there too, reminding me one word for the Talisman Project, Carol.

I learned from each of those editors, but the best advice came from Autumn. “Write until the story is finished.”

I protest to Jen, “I had a negative space in the heart that needed  filled and whether it is science fiction or fantasy, it is the characters that make me take my time to read a work of fiction.”

Characters with their foibles, courage, hates, loves, desires, and interactions make the STORY. (I am quite partial to science fiction and fantasy… Greg Bear, Guy Gavriel Kay, Jacqueline Karey, Patricia McKillip, Gregory Benford, and Harlan Ellison to name a few.

STORY is my Talisman for 2014 because if I stopped writing “Brambles” right now to make a piece of jewelry that said NOVELIST, it would take time from my preciously carved-out writing time–besides, I when one writes until the story is finished, one gets stories of many different lengths and I am working on more than just one.

A couple of years ago I made this bracelet as a gift for an author friend, Eve Paludan, and I liked it so much, I made one for me but it has sat neglected in my jewelry box.

I made it with an open back bezel and chain from Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Industrial Chic Line.

To make something similar you will need:

Torn words from a dictionary, ICE Resin, German Glass Glitter, Staz-On Ink, a bit of paint (it looks like I used a green aqua color to tint the resin), chain, clear packing tape, a craft cup and a stir stick, jewelry pliers, and a disposable paint brush.


1. Tear your words out and edge if you wish with ink so they stand out.

2. Mix ICE Resin per manufacturer instructions. Add a drop of acrylic paint for color if desired.

3. Apply packing tape to back of bezel. Burnish edges with your fingers so the resin does not leak.

4. Drip a little resin into the bezel. Add words and glitter. Drip more resin. Tip: be careful not to over fill when working with a smaller bezel.

5. To place word STORY on flat piece of metal, I painted on a little ICE Resin first, put the paper down,  another swipe of resin then a wee bit of glitter.

6. It dries and is ready to wear in about 6 hours.

Stay tuned on the ICE Resin blog for more Talismans and interesting, touching stories of why a particular designer chose his or her Talisman word. We hope it moves you to achieve your dreams!

If you want to know more about Talismans, Susan talks about them as numbers in these posts: 4 plus 3 and Lending Power to the Ordinary.

11 thoughts on “STORY… Talisman Project with ICE Resin

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