“A Loose Woman Imitates The Little Prince” for StencilGirl & Impression Obsession Blog Hop



The moment I saw Seth Apter’s science fiction looking rubberstamps I had to have them. They suggested the Out of this World is the theme. Starry skies and science make me feel delighted, scared, and hopeful all at the same time.


roundabouts stamps.jpg

However, the project evolved and surprised me. I’d picked out  StencilGirl stencils I wanted to use with the stamps months ago and then three new ones leapt into the fray!

I was a massage therapist for 2 decades and it seemed to me, in my little microcosm, that women over 50 lived easier in the world, body and soul. Hence, Sue Pelletier‘s Loose Woman series of stencils for StencilGirl Products speaks to me. (Apologies to Sue if she saw her creations as younger!) I used the small ones and you can see them in a video HERE.

This little canvas celebrates ME though a riff on one of my favorite books of all time, “THE LITTLE PRINCE” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It is always a good read when I need perspective in my life.

By the time you read this blog post I shall be 50 years and a few days old. I’ve been regaled with wisecracks, comments and questions:

70 is the really hard birthday!
50 means you are just beginning your creative journey!
50 is the new middle age.
Would you like to join Senior Circle? (Don’t even get me started…)
Have you received your first mailing from AARP? (Yes, 15 years ago and I was highly insulted!)
I’m younger than you are!
Do you feel old mom?
and fortune and friends smile upon me, too many well wishes to count!

I think, if birthdays ending in 1 through 9 make us reflect on the year behind and the year ahead, those ending in 0 make us look at who we are against the journey of all we wanted to accomplish. I’d like to say “within the journey” but I seem to push back more often than not. Represented on my canvas by the (hopefully) extinct volcano.

Rabbit was my nickname as a child. The Rabbit is sitting in for The Fox.

My Flower under glass represents all the characters and stories swimming in my grey matter. A daring 50 years young woman might accept the responsibility and remove the glass… Seriously, my personal goal for the year is to write my way out of my novel “BRAMBLES”.

It was enormously difficult to choose a planet from among Seth Apter’s Solar System and Roundabouts rubber stamps for Impression Obsession; each one is so interesting. I did not even have to put the stamps on a block to stamp. The lines and details stamp impressively clean on the no-fray (slightly bumpy) fabric in the photo below. The more I look at them to more ideas I get.


Here are the steps for my mixed media canvas: A Loose Woman Imitates The Little Prince

1) Paint canvas background and add a critter silhouette at bottom looking up.
2) Stamp the largest of Seth’s planets on fabric (I used non-fray fabric) with Staz-On ink and cut out the planet.
3) Figure out where the place planet, volcano, flower, lone star (below planet) and loose woman.
4) Stuff planet with cotton and hand stitch to canvas with thread that matches the ink.
5) Stencil Loose Woman #2 because I liked her long hair and she is a lady leaping.
6) Stencil flower using Eastern Leaf Lotus Flower Repeat #L421 stencil and use iridescent paint to cover like a bell jar.
7) Paint volcano and small green Baobab tree seedling.
8) Paint her hair (or you could embroider) with rainbow strands.

Astronauts on the Loose Cards


A good friend of mine, Christine, hates the waste of envelopes. My boss, Mary Beth Shaw, has taught me to use them for art journaling. Recycling some envelop insides for clothes and making cards seemed like a good compromise.


1) Paint (be sure to add some shimmer!) and stencil the background. (Warped Holes has some smiling, tumbling alien faces in it!)s181-warped-holes



 Stencils used: Loose Woman #1, 2 & 3, Mary Beth Shaw’s mini stencil from December 2013 StencilClub, Lizzie Mayne’s Warped Holes S181 and Twist Lattice S152


Sue also designed a Loose Woman set exclusive to StencilClub July 2013 (You must be a club member to purchase the club set.)
2) Play paper dolls with me! Stencil each Loose Woman on a card.
3) Fussy cut paper patterns for boots, oxygen tank, and top of astronaut uniform (I adapted the window part of an envelope for the helmet.)window-from-envelope
4) Glue clothes on woman, detail boots andbootseach breastplate, then glue woman on the background. pre-embellishment
5) Stencil and stamp envelopes.blonde-hearttangerine-loose-woman
6) Address to another loose woman.
7) Go forth and impress your local postal clerk.
Optional: There are Star Trek stamps and planet stamps available right now! Live long and prosper!black-hair-loose
Tip: If you do not plan to mail these astronauts across planet Earth, you could also embellish with other 3D bits you’ve got handy in your studio

May your friendships be many
Your birthdays be fine,
Your travels be carefree &
May art allow you to unwind!

Yours loosely,

Please be sure to check out the other fine projects in this blog hop:


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55 thoughts on ““A Loose Woman Imitates The Little Prince” for StencilGirl & Impression Obsession Blog Hop

  1. Your art is just amazing. I love what you created.. Also enjoyed your words – I just turned 70 so to me, you are quite young.

  2. Thanks for sharing – I had not seen these stencils before – great idea. Can relate to the all the mail I you receive when you turn 50/55 – I too was insulted as I was still in my late 40s when it started arriving.

  3. Love what you created with the loose woman stencil and Seth Aptera stamps! Growing old is both freeing and difficult…but inevitable. You made it all fun. Happy birthday!

  4. I love your project and also your thoughts on aging! I turned 60 this summer, still hard for me to believe, as I think I feel the same as I did when I was 40! Thank you!

  5. I’m over 70…and it wasn’t hard at all! Love that ‘loose woman’ theme and the way you’ve handled it.

    jo.murray.art(at)gmail(dot com)

  6. Happy Birthday! 50 is what 50 does. It’s different for everyone, and I see that you’ve embraced it with fun. I love your Loose Women in Space. It ought to be a sitcom on TV. That was very clever the way you used the cellophane part of an envelope in the helmets. You have a very mean boss, forcing you to expand your creativity (lol).

  7. Happy Birthday and kudos for a brilliant use of stencils and io stamps./They are funny and heart lifting. mcsuetexas(at)yahoo(dotcom)

  8. Happy Birthday! I really love all of your projects, but when I saw the envelopes what came to my mind was “..and she danced her way through the universe….”

  9. Firstly, Happy 50th! No better way to show it then live the life of the Loose Woman! lol I don’t remember 50 as it was so damn long ago!! The Astronauts are a hoot. The second I saw these, I knew they were mine. Love what you have done with them and Seths stamps. Thanks for all you do forus. hugs

  10. Happy Birthday Carol! I really enjoy your art work and loved reading your post. I’ll be turning 55 next in just over a week and can definitely relate. I’d love to see more if your work.

  11. Hey, Happy Birthday, leaping woman! I love the way you combined the images with the idea of The Little Prince – one of my own favorites! And thanks for the chance to win the giveaway! Poetryqn(at)optonline(dot)net

  12. When I saw your name, I couldn’t wait to see your artwork — we have the same last name and I turn 65 next month, plus my sister’s name is Carol! Your work is funky! And you have a great sense of humor! Keep up the good work! Happy Birthday. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Dear Carol, I read every word you wrote, and I smile. You have touched my heart. Love what you did on this piece. Bravo and Happy birthday!

  14. Love the ladies. I can relate to their bodies – can’t relate to some of the activities
    because my bones are getting too old and still. Glad to havepeople and projects that
    deal with regular life forms.
    thanks for sharing some wonderful projects.

  15. Great pieces! Happy birthday to you (50 is young, young, young still…)! I love Sue’s Loose Women stencils and Seth’s stencils/stamps and how you used them here. So versatile and so much fun!

  16. A wonderful piece. Happy belated birthday. I appreciated reading your thoughts on aging and being ‘in’ the world. Also, these Seth Apter stamps look amazing!!! They are on my wishlist. Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  17. Ahhhh Carol you make me smile so very much. I love your artwork and yes Le Petite Prince. I read in French back in high school French class and loved it !! Thanks so much for sharing so much of yourself on your creative journey 💕💕

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