Gift-Worthy: Stenciled Mixed Media Advent Calendar


Hello! I had an advent adventure with stencils and stuff from my stash!

When you finish looking, comment on this post and you might win free stencils!

I keep my radar up starting at the end of summer for small Christmas gifts to make (using stencils) or give. I’ve found it makes my budget manageable because it doesn’t allow me to feel rushed at the last minute.

mixed media stenciled advent calendar stencilgirl carol baxter.jpg

It is simply perfect for…… well I can’t tell you WHO because SHE might read this post!

I am not a fan of wire coat hangers, but I sure think this is a fantastic use for one. I painted the cardboard red and wrapped the wire part with a green ribbon.


I hung the following 24 items with ribbon or string to the hanger:

  1. Cloth tea bag filled with sweet-smelling cloves and orange peel.
  2. Cup – This was a red wine tasting cup wired up and simply wrapped with a piece of white linen with the # stenciled on it.
  3. Stenciled ribbon embellished with red pen and glued to a brown bag. Good for a lottery ticket.
  4. Stenciled library card in a stenciled pocket. Nice for writing a sentiment.
  5. Stenciled vellum tag.
  6. Stenciled cork tag embellished with sewing pattern collage paper.
  7. Teabag with a word and a # stenciled on it. Stuffed with Constant Comment Tea.
  8. Little red painted box tied with ribbon and embellished with stickers from the SWAG exchanged at An Art Journal Affaire back in 2017!
  9. Another cup, wired up and stenciled with a little # tag on it. I recommend that you secure with washi tape whatever you put in the cups.
  10. Heart pin I might have made at an art products trade show is pinned to a tag.
  11. Narrow, stenciled elf bag.
  12. Double star (traced from a stencil) with a quarter gluing the 2 halves together.
  13. Stenciled, embellished library card with little people peeking out of the pocket.
  14. Stenciled green envelope.
  15. Pendant (Ice Resin & glass glitter) hanging from a tag that was made with Flitter. The tag is hanging from a cinnamon stick.
  16. Cloth v banner – Lindt truffle stapled to the back
  17. Different pendant.
  18. Stenciled ornament tag.
  19. Candy cane with a small number tag (Great idea huh? I faked it with a straw – no candy canes in stores near me, yet.)
  20. Stenciled star box made from cardstock and sealed with washi tape.
  21. Sparkly stenciled tag with Thermo-Wed Glitz Glitter Gel.
  22. Little brass and lace dress ornament.
  23. Organza baggie – the number is stenciled on a piece Citra-Solv paper Nancy Curry gave out at Art Journal Affaire
  24. Stenciled, sparkly hummingbird tag.


As to treats: candy, light-weight jewelry, gift card, money, chapstick, tiny scented candle, sweet little notes specific to the person the advent calendar is for. I figure the tags can either stand-alone or I’ll affix a wrapped chocolate truffle to the back.


Stencils used: Never Ending Calendar Mini by Carolyn Dube (perfect for numbers), ATC Mixup Stencils by Mary Beth Shaw (perfect for numbers too!), Andrew Borloz, June Pfaff Daley, Jennifer Evans, and Pam Carriker, Vintage Ornaments by Cathy Nichols, Art Deco Alphabet by Gwen Lafleur.


I handmade the star-shaped box with Mary C. Nasser’s First Star on the Right StencilClub set.

  • Trace the stars you want 2 times on cardstock or heavy scrapbook paper. (I kinda wish I had made bigger stars.)
  • Cut out the stars, one on the lines, the other ever-so-slightly larger than the lines.
  • Cut strips for each star to make the edges of the boxes. For instance, the edge of one of my stars was 1” so I cut one 5” by 1” strip and scored at the ¼” on the horizontal and 1” on the vertical. The second strip was based on the same principle but again, ever-so-slightly larger.
  • If you are planning to use a stencil to decorate the star box, now is the time.
  • Use glue inside or washi tape outside to affix sides to top and bottom.


Project timing tips:

  1. Gather all your stencils, boxes and bags, stashy stuff and tools in one pile. I had bits of ephemera, red wire, jingle bells, ribbons and cords, tags, washi tape, glue, wire cutters, etc.
  2. If you are going to make this in one sitting, allow yourself at least the whole morning. Better yet, invite a friend over and you can each make one as well as enjoying the day with a lovely break for lunch. Or put on your elf hat and work secretly by the light of the moon.


Transport tips:

Put a towel on a large cookie sheet and lay the Advent Calendar down. If it’s a new cookie sheet, add a new kitchen towel — after you stencil the towel of course!

If you are shipping it, lay it on the pan and bubble wrap it.


I first saw this Advent idea done (tan/white/gold/burlap) in a Stampington email. This hanging calendar is worth reimagining for Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day, don’t you agree?!

Wishing you a joyous rest of 2019!


p.s. Got cats? Dogs? Toddlers? Hang it high!

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32 thoughts on “Gift-Worthy: Stenciled Mixed Media Advent Calendar

  1. I’d love to do this with my daughter to give to someone for Christmas to help her learn the gift of giving during this season. Thank you for showing me how to do things on a budget with wonderful products.

  2. How much fun would it be to receive this project? I just love having little goodies to open and they’d be all the more special in this. Great inspiration Carol.

  3. Omygoodness, so much to see and explore. The opportunity to hang and hide and dangle homemade trinkets is alone worth the price of this admission. Just a feast for our eyes! And your mention of a version for Valentine’s Day already has my brain tingling – How Do I Love Thee? Count The Ways! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful gift with us. xoxo

  4. LOVE this idea, Carol! So much creativity here~you’ve combined a wealth of ideas all in one lovely place! Peace to all and let it begin today! So, I’m now ready for Christmas with this project! I could look at this beauty for hours! Thanks for the inspiration! racheljobell(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. How clever Carol! And what a fun Advent calendar for”you know who” LOL
    I am sure who get this will absolutely love opening the lovely decorated little treasures! Well done!

  6. What a fun, eclectic group of creative bits that come together for something new each day of advent. Great gift worthy idea!

  7. I am head over heels with this wonderfully creative and truly beautiful advent calendar! So much heartfelt thought and creativity poured into this gift, I am sure that whom ever this is for is going to be blown away by its awesomeness! Wow

  8. This is such a fun idea. This would be such a great gift for a maker; little bits a bobs they could use during December or after the holiday season rush is over. Now I need to find someone I can do this for. TFS

  9. Wow, so much to look at here! So much detail. This is a lovely gift as each day there is something else to explore.

  10. Even if you don’t use it as an advent calendar it will still make a unique Christmas decoration! Something along the line for someone who doesn’t have room for a tree??

  11. What a creative and astonishing Advent Calendar. This is sure to delight your friend. toneill26 (at) gmail (dot com)

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