Carol La Valley is the product of a delightful childhood filled with the meter of poetry, the warmth of quilts and the deliciousness of home-baked rolls.

She was also abandoned, has seen the wastes of alcoholism and organized religion, and knows love’s redemptive power.

Lucky in love4  One was intense. Two was forbidden. Three produced a talented, beloved scion. The Best is the fairytale romance she knows not what she did to deserve however, she has given up glass slippers for dances in the kitchen with her partner, quite barefoot.

During Carol’s life she’s splashed in the sea, been attacked by the snow on a bunny hill, scratched the back of a rhinoceros, listened to a lot of rock and roll music, made jewelry, and done a 180 from massage therapist to writer/editor.

Now, Carol writes from a mountain hamlet – a white cat at her feet and a fat striped one that fiercely guards her closet full of hats.

The lyric “I’ve got stardust in my pocket” is from A Million and One Dreamsby doo-wopp group The Bel-Larks.

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