Mermaid Madness Hop with the StencilGirl Creative Team


Thanks for swimming into my end of the pool for the:

PNG memaid madness stencilgirl creative team hop.png

I received Memaidia by June Pfaff Daley and Mermaids with Masks by Jessica Sporn for this hop. These delightful stencils made for several fun sessions of art journal play, from sweetly obvious (Ariel went back to the sea and gained a little weight!)  ideas to a little bit macabre.

Sea Horse Card and envelope:

Other stencils used: Carolyn Dube’s Sand and Sea for StencilClub

Under the Sea in my small music art journal:

I am happier with the results when I tape things off. This could mean I am impatient. (If you know me, I am sorry if you hurt yourself falling out of your chair laughing.)

Doodle on top of the “marks” in the small stencil from: October 2016 – Mary Beth’s Private Collection 16.4

“Protocol” in my big music art journal:

I went so far as to draw this journal page out ahead of time. Does anyone else do that?!

I went to massage school with a woman who had been an activist with Sea Shepard and we used to debate the merits or lack thereof of zoos, conservation, power, and intelligent life in the universe. I loved that we could converse, listen, debate and remain friends after our differences of opinion.

Are you ready for even more mermaid madness?!

As the curator for StencilGirl’s Creative Team it was such fun to watch all the projects as they sailed in. These artists went all out to swim with the mermaids and make a big spash! Check out their projects:

Sandee Setliff
Belen Sotelo
Torrie Gass
Sherry Canino
Cindy Gilstrap
Kiala Givehand
Carol Baxter YOU ARE HERE
Janet Joehlin

More mermaid projects on StencilGirl Talk from Gwen Lafleur, Karen Gaunt, Tina Walker, and Louise Nelson.

See the projects mermaid stencil designers, Cathy Nichols, June Pfaff Daley, and Jessica Sporn made right HERE.

png PRIZES memaid madness stencilgirl creative team hop.png

Comment on this blog or any of the others by noon CST on 7-16-17. Winners notified by email on July 17th. Good luck!


33 thoughts on “Mermaid Madness Hop with the StencilGirl Creative Team

  1. OK, so both you and I are impatient crafters, good to know, lol Although you show lots of patience at making a pre-drawing beforehand! Had to giggle at the seahorses in a barrel! Love that you made your mermaid the figurehead of the ship!

  2. What fun to be the first to see the finished products.
    You are so lucky. I loved all of the pages.
    The mermaid on the front of the boat (have no
    idea what that is called – the prow?) is fantastic.
    I could see that drawing it out before hand would
    give you a start and changes can be made as you
    go along. I usually start out with an idea and
    it’s nothing like the original when I get finished.
    thanks for sharing some fantastic pages.

  3. Wow, Carol! Love all of these and that you showed how you planned out the mermaid masthead (or whatever it’s called) on the boat! I have some of the PA Squid ink Fresco paint and love that you used it!

  4. am so so thrilled with these mermaid stencils. Thank you Jessica Sporn. Love love love mermaids! The entire team made such beautiful art. Thank you.

  5. These are wonderful Carol. The card is adorable and I’m so very drawn to the image with Gordon Lightfoot’s Protocol. Seeing the beautiful mermaid on the front bow made me imagine so many things… I think that is the amazing power of seeing everyone’s different styles and creations. There is so much to see and in each one, there is something different to see or imagine because we each interpret these differently. The ship is amazing and all three look as though you had tons of fun sailing away with the mermaids. The colors are gorgeous, the words are wonderful to coincide with the picture of the ship, she is a beauty that can be imagined on any ship in ancient times and the stories that include mermaids leave so much to be admired and awed in the combination of lyrics and paint… but the ship that has no one aboard seems lonely or portraying the feeling of loss like the song lyrics. It’s a beautiful piece. Thank you so much for sharing it. ❤ ( boley_1 (at) yahoo dot com )

  6. Lovely pages and card ! The shape of the mermaid also made me think at those sculptures wooden boats have.

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